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Friday, September 09, 2005

Two words I am waiting to hear from New Orleans

Actually, the first one is two words- Superfund Site. Does anyone believe that after being so thoroughly contaminated by
the flood water, that there is a way that New Orleans can avoid becoming a Superfund Site? Think of this contamination on EVERYTHING it has touched, every bit of floating furniture, every stick of lumber that was part of someone's home. Its all covered with the same toxic muck and cannot be cleaned, scoured or just tossed into the local landfill. As the water soaks into the ground, doesn't the ground become contaminated with the same disease, toxic chemicals and filth that would cause the EPA fits if it were an industrial clean-up site? I think it does mean that.

Next word I expect to hear from New Orleans? Gitmo. That's right, I expect to hear that the ACLU will be comparing the temporary jail set up in the Greyhound bus terminal to the detention camp for terrorists in Guantanamo Bay. How can they possibly resist the pictures of lonely, deprived, misunderstood citizens locked up behind chain link fences? I don't think they will be able to pass up the opportunity to claim that these stalwart citizens are being mistreated without air conditioning, television, and immediate access to their lawyers.

Those are my predictions for the coming week. Remember, you read them here first!

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